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Mr. M l Makkar
Mr.M l Makkar, Manager
Nagpal Nursing Home , Abohar was established in 1980 by Dr. Subhash Nagpal now a multispeciality hospital which has a wide range of  facilities & services all with the objective of facilitating quality care to its patients 24x7 365 days.

Well Behaved and qualified medical & paramedical staff along with the state-of-the-art technology, we are giving high quality healthcare services to our patients at affordable cost.

Some of our special highlights are:

Vaccum delivery
It may be an alternative to a forceps delivery and caesarean section.

Often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one ability to cope, or integrate the emotions involved with that experience.

Laparoscopic Surgery
Surgical diagnostic procedure used to examine the organs inside the abdomen.

Respiratory distress
Condition in which fluid collects in the air sacs of the lungs, depriving organs of oxygen.

Fracture Surgery
Some bones can heal by wearing a cast, others may require more invasive treatments, such as bone fracture repair.

Infertility may be difficult to determine but may include inadequate levels of certain hormones in both men and women, and trouble with ovulation in women



  • Pain Abdomen

    Pain Abdomen

    Abdominal pain may be a feature of numerous medical and surgical conditions and arise from ...

  • Bleeding P/V

    Bleeding P/V

    Abnormal vaginal bleeding occurs between menstrual periods, after sex, or after menopause. Menstrual periods that ...

  • Normal Delivery

    Normal Delivery

    Normal delivery is a natural process that every woman is capable of to bring a ...

  • High Risk Delivery

    High Risk Delivery

    The term “high risk pregnancy” suggests that in order to have a healthy and successful ...


  • ECG


    An electrocardiogram is a picture of the electrical conduction of the heart. By examining changes ...

  • USG


    An ultrasound / SONOGRAPHY is a procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to scan the ...

  • Digital X-ray

    Digital X-ray

    Digital radiography provides so many advantages over conventional film that it’s easy to see why ...

  • Ventilator


    A ventilator, also known as a respirator or breathing machine, is a medical device that ...

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